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The traditional concept of hand filleting and hand scaling has been re-introduced at Ocean Food Supplies to add the personal touch required to maintain the delicate texture and highly sort after quality that the Ocean Food Supplies hake products are renowned for world wide.

No additives or preservatives are used in the processing of our products.

The Introduction of 3 spiral freezers allows Seawork to offer a superior IQF option never produced before in Namibia.

In line glazing and hardening systems offer various final presentation options to our clients.

Our upgraded refrigeration plant allows us to confidently offer plate frozen options as freezing times have been reduced to well below 2.5 hours.

Inline Klik-Klok systems, vacuum and bag sealing lines allow for versatility in retail options.

Our un-automated, manually operated production principles allow the production team to adjust the processing system and lines to meet our client product requirements.

Simple un-automated processing lines allow for versatility and continuous, quick change over to new products.

Product development is on-going and always includes our clients input.

All our clients are encouraged to play an active role in the development of their product by spending as much time as possible on the processing floor with our production and QC team.